Venous disease can manifest itself in a few different ways and with varying symptoms. It’s actually fairly common and can be managed very well with the proper diagnosis and treatment. Many people continue to live normal lives while undergoing treatment and management of venous disease that is supervised by a qualified medical professional. Venous diseaseRead More

Strokes occur when blood flow is cut off to certain areas of the brain. The majority of them happen as a result of blood clots, but around 10% of strokes are caused by bleeding in the brain. While it’s true that old age and family medical history can both predispose people to have strokes, thereRead More

The heart is one of the body’s most important organs, if not the most important. It pumps blood throughout the body and, without its steady beats, other organs and systems would inevitably fail. However, in order to stay strong, healthy, and capable of doing its job, the heart needs to be cared for properly. CaringRead More

Congestive heart failure is a condition that affects the heart’s ability to pump blood efficiently. It is most common in people over 65, and over five million United States residents have this chronic condition. Read on to find out about the prevention and treatment of heart failure to learn more about this serious disease. WhatRead More

Maintain a Healthy Heart Good heart health is essential to overall health. The heart is arguably the most important organ in the body. It is responsible for getting blood to every other organ. Coronary disease is a condition that is often hereditary but may be avoided by taking conscious steps to keep the heart workingRead More

Cardiac rehabilitation is an outpatient program designed to help patients recover from heart surgeries or injuries and treat many forms of heart disease. It involves a combination of physical therapy, patient education, and emotional support, and experts believe that it is vital to promoting patient recovery. Who Can Benefit From Cardiac Rehab? Any patient whoRead More

How To Combat Heart Disease Cardiovascular disease is a classification of heart-related diseases that occur when plaque builds up in the arteries and causes heart damage. Individuals may develop the disease if they consume a high-fat diet, smoke, or are predisposed to heart disease through their family history. People that do not follow the necessaryRead More

Cardiovascular disease accounts for one of every four deaths in South Carolina in an average year. Most of the time, it doesn’t have to be fatal. If physicians can diagnose it in its earliest stages, patients can take appropriate steps to manage it and improve their health outcomes. That’s where non-invasive testing comes in. WhatRead More

When a person is in a position where a cardiologist must be seen, it is potentially a serious matter and could have fatal consequences for the person if the issue is not treated. Cardiology is concerned with any issues that may cause a person to have trouble with his or her heart, including hypertension, diabetes,Read More

Varicose veins aren’t just an eyesore. They can also be symptomatic of more serious forms of Venous Disease such as chronic venous insufficiency. Even when patients’ conditions are not advanced, they often experience symptoms like aching, throbbing, fatigue, tenderness, and swelling as a result of their varicose veins. What Are Varicose Veins? Varicose veins formRead More

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The experienced physicians at Carolina Cardiology Associates are committed to the health of every patient who walks through our doors. We understand the challenges of cardiovascular disease and will work with you to provide treatment, education, and a plan for the future to help you live your healthiest life.